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Cedar Meadow Farm

Business Name: Cedar Meadow Farms

Name of Owner / Founder: Steve Groff

Year Founded: 2020

Office Phone: 717-723-3770


Business Address: 679 Hilldale Road, Holtwood, PA 17532

Number of Locations: Online only / Virtual

Communities Served:

No geo-specific community. We ship nationwide.

Our Motto:

Better Soil. Better Oil.

Service / Product Provided:

CBD Oil, Lotion & Salve

Our Passion:

  • Regenerative agriculture & soil health
  • Plant-based wellness
  • Educating consumers
  • Giving back to the community
  • Expanding awareness about the industry

Business Awards and Accolades:

  • “Regenerative Verified” with the Soil Regen Program
  • Top-rated soil health results annually from PASA (PA Association for Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Chesapeake Bay Water Shed
  • Notable partnership with Penn State

Future Growth:

2023 – Expanding into the BSB market, seeking larger wholesale/distributor accounts, growing partnership program with non-profits, expanding B2C sales online, and maturing the brand expression

Final Words:

Steve Groff is an internationally-known expert in regenerative agriculture. He’s a leading voice and innovator in cover cropping and soil health. He’s an active farmer of a 200-acre 3rd generation farm. He’s trained countless other farmers to do cover cropping. He’s a speaker, public figure, and author. He’s written a book “The Future-Proof Farm” revealing the rising importance of regenerative agriculture practices to food producers and even broad industry at large. Adopting these principles helps farmers become future-proof, and ensures consumers a longevity of healthy food that is even more nutrient-rich than conventional practices. Soil health is a topic raised to public awareness by the Netflix documentary “Kiss the Ground,” and is one of the important ways to fight climate change.

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