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Healthy Living


Healthy Living in Lancaster features trending articles and news about a variety of lifestyles. Read how our community embraces health and wellness. From self-care to gardening, hiking, biking, exercise, nutrition, sleep, along with meditation and relaxation—are just a few of the news topics we cover. 


Food is the fuel that determines your health, wellness, and energy levels. Vitamins and minerals sustain you with a stronger immune system. Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to some of the freshest locally grown vegetables. Farms are plentiful along with our local farmer’s markets offering a huge variety of choices.  


Experts agree that exercise is the key to good health and longevity. From stretching to walking, yoga, pilates, playing tennis, running, dancing, weight-training, swimming or cardio, if it gets your blood flowing- it’s working. Discover how Lancaster community works together towards healthier lifestyles.


Wellness is more than being free from illness. Wellness is also a state of being mindful of your daily choices. Create positive changes with nutrition and exercise while building up your immunity. Discover renewed motivation to embrace a mindset of health, happiness, wellness, and prosperity. 


For many Lancaster residents — their faith, religion, nature, volunteer work, or attending church enhances their search for meaning and purpose. Discover local traditions, stress-reduction techniques, and learn how depression and anxiety impact us. Read how locals connect to feel happy and productive.


Personal growth is one of the hottest topics in the news today. The last few years have been a catalyst for seeking change. The growing awareness and desire to have quality of life, along with a peaceful and emotionally intelligent lifestyle are top of mind. Enjoy our book nook, and relevant insights.  


From a personal spa day, a nature walk, or a day trip to the beach, nothing is as important as unplugging. Whether you’re a new mom, a busy entrepreneur, or high-level executive with relentless demands, or consistently caring for others, it’s time to make time for yourself.


Emotional Health is one of the most critical elements needed for a happy, balanced, and well-adjusted life. Stress, anxiety, fear, and illness can keep us all off balance. Regulating our emotions is a vital necessity for our mental health, and over-all well-being.

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