Poconos Sober St. Patrick's Day

Save The Date! The First Annual Poconos Sober St. Patrick’s Day® is the Go-To Event on March 24th, 2024

image of aspirin tablets in a table

Study Shows How Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Could Help Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Half of people worldwide at risk of developing mental health conditions by age 75, per new study

ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease is much more common than you think.

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From home remodeling to growing a flower or vegetable garden, discover how to create beautiful living spaces inside and out. Gain insights into Lancaster’s housing market or learn the basics of organizing a kitchen pantry. From remodeling to recipes Lancaster Health News has you covered.


Family first. Having a family is a blessing, raising a family is an adventure, loving a family is a lifetime journey. Covering all topics from new moms, step-parenting, grandparents, siblings, working from home, and learning to de-stress. Home-schooling, public or private schools with many choices and options.


Assisted Living, retirement homes, home health care providers, or staying at home; are all top of mind for seniors and their families. With a variety of options and multiple choices throughout Lancaster and Pennsylvania, the hidden gems and special needs, as well as an active lifestyle is covered.


From that adorable puppy or kitten to older dogs and cats, vet bills and necessary immunizations are tantamount to your pets’ good health. Researching best pet diets, medical advice from local vets, neighborhood dog walkers, and news from local kennels on how to keep your pet family healthy and safe.


Learning never ends. After high school, college, trade schools, or securing that coveted degree- education is one of the most sought-after benefits to secure earning power and improve your lifestyle. Are you an entrepreneur? A business owner? Hard-working employee? Knowledge is the key.


Healthy finances are key to feeling less stress. Understanding your financial goals with the changes in today’s economic climate is crucial. Whether creating a budget, saving for a home or car, improving a credit score, or getting a loan, the experts weigh in on the best topics for financial stability.


Fitness is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Sports and recreation allow us to either be a participant or a spectator. Cheering for your favorite team, or playing basketball, football, soccer, skiing, golfing, fishing, swimming, or hiking are just a few of the many activities to discover.


Travel has definitely changed as the country experiences a wave of new rules and regulations. From air travel to cruising, vacations by car, and how we get from place to place, is a hot topic. Passports, immunizations, and required documents result in consumers needing updates on how to travel safely.

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