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Lancaster Health News is proud to present the HEALTH HEROES of Lancaster and Pennsylvania.

Cindy Mellinger

Nominated by: Lauren Gerson
Director, Lancaster Health News
Cindy Mellinger is known as the networking queen, as well as the Marketing and Coordination Relations Coordinator for Blue Ridge.... More >

Donovan Carper, RN

Nominated by: Lancaster Wellness Med Spa
Donovan is a master’s prepared registered nurse, ACE-certified personal trainer, and ACE-certified weight management specialist. Donovan’s goal is to share... More >

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Nominated by: Curtis Ashbrook
Curtis Ashbrook of Lancaster County called us shortly after his beloved father passed.  He was so moved by the exceptional... More >

Jason Leber

Nominated by: Melynda Hasselbach
Dr. Leber is patient and kind, and knows just what I need to help me feel better. I had a... More >

Jessica Engle

Nominated by: BeBalanced
Jessica is a true “Health Hero” in our eyes. Jessica overcame double hip surgery and a hysterectomy close together to... More >

Katy Moline

Nominated by: UAC
Katy handles everything for the UAC Seniors Programming. The biggest contribution she has made over the last couple of years has been all the opportunities and class ... More >

Melynda Hasselback

Nominated by: Vicky Shepos
Melynda is private caregiver who gives so much of herself to all her clients. She goes above and beyond. She... More >

Robert Tribuzio, MD

Nominated by: Vicky Shepos
Dr. Tribuzio is very patience, kind, never in a hurry, and willing to listen to every complaint—medical or otherwise. The... More >

William Prather

Nominated by: Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre
Over 50 years ago, William Prather’s family dreamed of opening a Dinner Theatre. The family formed Prather Productions. They set... More >

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