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8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Become Your Best Self

It’s hard to believe another year is coming to an end. 

With each passing year, there’s an opportunity to look back and take stock on what worked well in your life and what didn’t work out so well. 

The new year is your time to declare to the universe your intentions for the upcoming twelve months. 

Twelve months is quite a lot of time! Imagine what you can accomplish within 365 days if you put your mind to your goals and commit. 

New year’s resolutions are your chance to do that – to come up with ideas for your dream future. Then, it’s just about putting an actionable plan in place behind them. 

While we don’t all have the same resources or starts in life, there are always steps you can take to improve your future – starting now

Read on for eight new year’s resolution ideas for the intentional woman. These resolutions aren’t about losing weight, getting rich, or finding love. 

Instead, you’ll find inspiration for taking what you’ve already got and working to optimize areas of your life for better results. They’re practical, smart resolutions that will keep you on an empowered track to health and happiness.

Commit to the ideas that align with the vision you have for your life so you can make real, lasting changes in 2023. 

Here’s to you!

8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Rule Your Finances

The new year is the best time to get your finances in order. You can use the budgeting app “You Need a Budget”, or YNAB for short. This app makes budgeting easy to commit to so you can track expenses and reconcile your bank accounts throughout the month.

When you first start using YNAB you’ll probably feel like you got a raise. We often don’t realize how much money we waste on frivolous things. Resolve to save more, spend less on things you don’t need, and put aside money for big life-changing goals instead.

Keep Toxicity At Bay

When it comes to setting resolutions, it’s easy to focus on internal goals, but you can also work on setting up some much-needed boundaries. You’ve got a lot of people in your life, and it’s fair to assume you probably do your best to be there for many of them.

Take a step back and assess which relationships are mutually beneficial and which aren’t. Vow to cut back on the ones that tend to drain your energy (like toxic friends) and move closer to healthy, supportive people. 

Explore A New Creative Craft

Creativity is one of the best ways to tap into intuition, purpose, and find meaning in life. You can’t do that if you’re not investing in your favorite creative hobbies or making an effort to find new ones.

Commit To Personal Growth

Have a bad habit you’d like to kick?

A community group you’ve been meaning to join?

A big move you’ve hesitated making?

Loose ends of old relationships you’d like to tie up?

Put personal growth at the top of your new year’s resolution ideas list. Add a few bullet points with specific things you’d like to work on.

Find Out How To Feel Good

Instead of stepping into January with a particular weight, diet, or fitness goal, think about making a new year’s resolution to “feel good”. Finding out what makes you feel good might be a journey through fitness, diet changes, and mental health.

But instead of hanging your success on an end result like a number or external motivator, focus on the discovery! Take time to try new things, listen to your body’s feedback, and trust the process. Making a sustainable commitment to good health will pay off! 

Make Moves In Your Career

Women are rising up in almost every industry, so the new year is an awesome time to reinforce your role in yours.

Whether you’re a business builder, manager, volunteer, student, or part-time cashier there is room to grow. Take a look at where you are as the year ends and determine where you’d like to be in your career this time next year.

Think up 1-3 action items you can take to make yourself marketable to that goal. Look at online courses, internships, training seminars, or advancement opportunities and make yourself available!

Set Year-Long Mini Challenges

Planning to slay an entire year before it’s even started can be a little… overwhelming. Instead, break your goals up and assign them to specific months.

If you’re dying to get outside more and boost your mind-body connection, make daily walks a priority for one month. Then, spend another month dedicating an hour a day to meditation or mindfulness. And another on getting through a few favorite books.

If you break your desired habits up into digestible chunks, you might find that they blend more easily into your lifestyle than if you tried to do everything at once.

As you brainstorm new year’s resolution ideas, write them in a journal and keep them safe.

In addition to simply writing down your goals, finding the why behind them can serve as extra motivation. 

Then, set a recurring monthly alert in your phone to check in on your goals so you stay accountable and keep slaying.

Happy New Year!

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