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Lancaster Entrepreneurs Launch Unique Beauty Product Celebrating Women

Christina Black is the owner and founder of Salon Rouge, a beauty salon for creative hair styling, professional massage, and spa services. Black along with her business partner Monica Ghimpu are both anticipating their sales to soar with the launch of their new proprietary skin care product,
‘Unicorn Oil”.

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania—Black has a history of creative development and together with her business partner Ghimpu, a skincare specialist & licensed aesthetician, have created a one-of-a-kind skincare line.

The inspiration came after both entrepreneurs with a passion for helping woman, saw a visible improvement in their own skin and decided to take it to the next level.

“At first there was a need for me to create a very unique product to enhance my own skin tone and improve the texture and appearance of my skin. I wanted to minimize the extravagant costs and time involved in using multiple anti-aging products”, Black stated.

Many skin care products can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, Black explained. Together, the two entrepreneurs decided to share their own skincare regime with Salon Rouge clientele.

“It was a very unique and practical discovery” said Black.

Black stated she first saw a real need when her best friend, turned business partner, developed a skin condition.

In the early stages of product development, Black shared that while her best friend was struggling with severe acne, she wanted to help and had discovered several trade secrets in the beauty industry during the course of her career.

Although it seemed counterintuitive for her friend to use an oil blend, she agreed to try it and realized it had soothed and healed her skin.

It was then the two best friends and aspiring entrepreneurs discovered the product also contained some other unique benefits.

“Our goal is to enhance a woman’s ability and enable her to feel vibrant, youthful, and refreshed, while empowering and supporting each other on our journey,” stated Black. “We believe that each woman, just like the mythical unicorn, is both magical and capable of great transformation.”

The website showcases a two-step process. Their product line consists of the JoJoBa cleanser along with a secondary compound of an enhanced blend of 9 organic essential oils, to create both a holistic and healing approach.

“I’ve always been passionate about health, wellness, and beauty,” said Black. “I feel I have an amazing glow as a result of using the Unicorn Oil,” Black said.

The two partners shared their love of helping women to shine while looking and feeling their very best.

“Good skin helps empower women and we have the privilege to watch their rejuvenation and transformation while experiencing the revolution of fresh skin.”

“We call it the ‘Unicorn Glow.'” Black said.

“We feel the initial roll-out of the product has been a huge success,” announced Ghimpu.

“I have loved beauty and skin care products for over 25 years”, Black shared, “but I just couldn’t find anything that could accomplish what I believe this unique blend of essential oils, affectionately called ‘unicorn oil’ has done for me”, states Black.

The new website will outline the ladies’ shared passion along with their two-step process while educating consumers on how the product hydrates, cleanses, moisturizes, and heals.

“My skin at age 50 is my best testimony”, declares Black.

The beauty and skincare partners shared that they wanted to find something that women could use as their “one great thing” and eliminate several other products from their daily skincare regime.

“This is all we use now” shared Black. “Just one product.”

Ghimpu explained that many clients have had a variety of skin issues – from dry skin and patches to dullness or discoloration.

“We wanted a product that was both unique and mysterious, much like the magical women I’ve encountered throughout my life and career,” stated Black; adding, “Unicorn Oil has just started to gain traction with both local and out-of-state sales.”

The company announced there are ongoing plans to expand the brand. Currently, Unicorn Oil is available online, at

The products can also be found at local spas and salons like Salon Rouge, Panache, and various others.

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