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When Northwest Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene, a Manheim resident was clearly in distress. 

The senior woman, who was having trouble breathing and was short of breath, was also having a panic/anxiety attack. This was triggered along with an asthma attack. 

She stated to the medics that her chest hurt, and of course, intense fear and panic ensued- until the well trained paramedics arrived.

Once in the ambulance, the (undisclosed) patient stated that the paramedics good humor, their reassurance and their authenticity gave her the calming influence she needed to feel safe enroute to the hospital. 

“This is what our everyday heroes do in the community” she shared. 

Both Laura Forey (a trained army medic and a graduate from the school of Health Sciences), along with Erle Smith, kept the patient calm, distracted, and engaged reassuring her along the way. 

Currently, there are a lot of changes and challenges within our health care system, but knowing in an emergency, [when only minutes may count] we have incredible services available to us throughout Lancaster and Lancaster County is very reassuring.  

“I take a lot for granted at times” the senior patient noted, “and this was a wonderful reminder of how much good there still is out there and what to be grateful for”.  

“In sharing and acknowledging our health heroes and those everyday heroes who are making a difference in the community, we add value”, said Dean White, a retired neighbor who makes American flag memorabilia for veterans.  

“I will always remember they are not only saving lives, but they are connecting a community” the patient’s relatives said. 

Special thanks to all of our health heroes and you, our everyday heroes. If you have a special hero and would like to share your story, please reach out to:

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