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No Shortage of Big Smiles or Big Hearts When Participants Show their Support at the Hospice and Community Care Labor Day Auction. 

As Hospice and Community Care held their annual Labor Day Auction at the Solance fairgrounds in Quarryville, there was no shortage of either big smiles— or big hearts. 

The energy was contagious as the volunteers, the Hospice and Community Care staff, and happy participants came together contributing $950,000 dollars—increasing last year’s contributions by over $70,000. 

This event changes lives. The Hospice and Community Care annual Labor Day Auction has raised millions of dollars to help patients and families receive care and comfort while coping with a serious illness, facing end of life, or loss.

“This is such an amazing event and I am so proud to be a part of it,” said, Meredith Fisher. That was the sentiment shared among the participants and volunteers alike.

Jen Horan posted, “It was the perfect storm of awesomeness… a generous community, incredibly dedicated volunteers, delicious goodies, a mini-horse in a police uniform – it truly does take a village to make this kind of magic happen”. 

Thousands of items were present at this action-packed auction and definitely something fun and unique for everyone. There were lovely pieces of jewelry, a variety of artwork, vintage treasures, over 100 quilts, plus a lot of delicious food to enjoy.

The donated quilts were beyond spectacular and the crowd was in awe of the selection, the unique styles, beautiful colors, and workmanship. 

The energy was upbeat, positive, and contagious. I had a few happy tears as I watched the incredibly moving and time-honored tradition of the Labor Day Cake bidding wars. 

The auctioneer would ask for the highest bid— as the bids started at $100 and went upwards, exceeding $500 and beyond. Then, each winning recipient of the Labor Day cake had the chance to either keep their cake or shout back- “Sell it again”.  This went on for quite a while, as each generous contributor who bid on the cake and won it, immediately turned around and gestured “sell it again”  It was sold many times and then was eventually donated to the volunteers, which was well-deserved. 

Melissa Brackbitt Sikorski shared, “What an AMAZING year! I will volunteer for Hospice & Community Care until I draw my last breath,” she said. “The labor day event is so special and I am honored each time I get to have a small part of something great! The way our community supports Hospice is so moving! Way to go! 

The volunteers worked tirelessly and when asked, they all wholeheartedly agreed this is the one event they would never miss. 

The various auctions were happening simultaneously and provided the opportunity to explore the different areas and bid on a variety of plants and shrubs. New and used items- tools, sports memorabilia, furniture, and many vehicles were loaded to the brim bursting with these wonderful treasures. 

“Personally, I was mesmerized by the multitude of quilts and had never seen anything like this. I wanted to buy them all” said LA Gerson adding “Each one was just spectacular”. 

There were cars being auctioned, (always a crowd-pleaser) as well as a raffle and the chance to win a beautiful red 2022 Ford Mustang. 

Incredible gift certificates from vacations, to a spa day, dinners out, including season passes and special treatment from Barnstormers were being auctioned as well.

The Amish added a wonderful and positive element to the event with their enthusiastic and original auctioning style, which made the event just soar. 

There were volunteers with golf carts available to transport guests if needed, and the parking was quite easy and very well-organized. The parking and admission were free. 

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